Characteristics Of Computer Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 9 Tips

Speed of Computer

Characteristics Of Computer – As we all know computers are very faster to perform their task. Even if they are doing a single task or multiple. Computers can easily perform mathematical calculations as faster as a human being.

The computer is capable of doing multiple tasks per seconds.

A human being does not work as long as they do. So, they can perform better calculations or any work faster as compared with the humans.

Accuracy of Computer

Humans can make mistake but machines can’t make mistakes in performing calculations. Mistakes are ever make by humans but they don’t know about it and make mistakes.

The computer carries out result speedily and accurately. And constantly runs at a very high pace to get down the results faster.


As we know computer also known as an Automatic Machine. Do you know why the computer is known as an automatic machine? Because whenever they started the task, they carry on till the end of the task. For Instance- you copy a movie from ‘D’ Drive and copy it to ‘E’ Drive that’s different. So, the computer ends when the complete movie is in the ‘E’ Drive. You do not make any changes either your task is performing that’s called automation.

Quick Decision

The arithmetical and Logical Unit helps the computer to perform their task on time. That’s the reason computer done every single or multiple calculation faster. Also, the computer takes quick decision given by the users to complete their task on time.


This is a very special feature over all the devices today, even on computers. Users can do many works at the same time. Such as: – playing a song, play a game, copying or moving files from one place to another. You can do some works at the same time.

No Feelings

Human beings have feelings and emotions which they can express with others. But the computer has no feeling just a machine. This is a simple machine that continuously runs with the user’s instructions.

No Intelligence Quotient

CPU (Central Processing Unit) is call as the brain of the computer. But they don’t have their IQ (Intelligence Quotient). A computer is a dumb machine without a user. It is a useless machine if no interaction is done with them.

A computer is a dependent machine as compared with a human being. Rather human beings are independent. They do all things which they thought.

Storage of Computer

The computer system has a large storage capacity. They can store even more when you increase the disk space. For Instance: – Recently, you have 500 GB of Hard Disk Drive on your pc then you insert another hard disk drives of 500 GB. Now you have a total of 1 TB of Hard Disk Drive into your Computer. This means more storage you can fill up into your pc.

Reliability of Computer

These are the main characteristics of a computer. Nowadays big industries like Amazon and Flipkart and most famous search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, DuckDuckgo etc. are dependent on computers. Because the computer has done all their task on time and gives output accurately and efficiently.

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