“5 Easy Steps” Commercial mail Can Improve Your Business

Do you have a commercial mail ID? If No, I will help you to make it for you. Firstly, you have to know what is Commercial Email ID? And how are the purposes to use this Mail ID? Alright, ask you some more questions do you know types of mail id? So, in this post, we will talk about some of the major aspects related to Commercial mail ID. Also talk about their features, how to use, etc. And also, the basics. So, let me explain below without wasting your time.

  1. What is Commercial Mail ID?
  2. What are the purposes to use this Mail ID?
  3. Important features of this Mail ID?
  4. Is it Good than the Gmail, Yahoo, etc?
  5. What is Auto Responder in the Commercial Mail ID and how to set up Auto Responder?
1. What is Commercial Mail ID?
Commercial mail | MukulTech
Commercial mail

Commercial Mail ID is a mail which is used by the government, organizations, agencies, etc. All the mails are sent from this mail id shows the indication that i.e. Commercial or Official.

This creates a great impact on every user who accepts this mail in their inbox. There are also many different things to do with this mail id such as- (Government issue new vacancy so they can mail selected candidates). Commercial Mail ID is also knowing as webmail.

2. What are the purposes to use this Mail ID?

This mail id use for many purposes such as for (Building a brand needs Commercial Email to do so, An entrepreneur needs this Mail id to become a social influencer, Businessman wants this to send an important message via mail to their employees, an agency give discount coupon treats with their customers via email id, a Blogger needs this to run Email Marketing Campaigns and much more.

3. Important features of this Mail ID?

Simply they also have some features such as normal mail Ids. Commercial Email Features are given below-

  • Auto Responder Facility.
  • Automatic forward messages and Redirection.
  • Send copies of a message to many people.
  • Automatic filing and retrieval of messages.
  • Addresses can be stored in an address book and retrieved when we are using.
  • Notification if a message cannot be delivered.
  • Emails are automatically dated and time-stamped.
  • Signatures can be attached in the mail.
  • Files, images or sounds can be sent as attachments, often in compressed formats.
  • Webmail and mobile email can be used to receive and send messages.
4. Is it Good than the Gmail, Yahoo, etc?

Yes, it is good then the Gmail or Yahoo mailing system. This is very beneficial as I discussed above. Also, you have to choose your mail which you want to create. But in the Gmail or Yahoo mail, you could not do so. Also, webmail provides you individually so there is no interruption. The Commercial Mail is very secure than then Gmail or Yahoo Mail. You will not get any spam Emails.

Do you know the free Gmail you are using? Google sale this in the market as Google “G Suite” in 1800 + GST Taxes. Also, use your mail to the different mailing address which you don’t know. As a result, spam mail is waiting for you to delete. That’s why I am using Commercial Mail ID.

5. What is Auto Responder in the Commercial Mail ID and how to set up Auto Responder?

Auto Responder is a feature in the Commercial Mail ID which will be used by everyone. This will create a great impact on your customers or the receiver. There is a simple process to create Auto Responder in your webmail. I am using the latest Plesk cPanel so I used to teach in the Plesk version.

Check out the steps below to create Auto Responder for your Commercial Mail.

1. Firstly, go to the Mail section in the left upper menu.

2. In the Plesk cPanel, the Auto Responder will manually create when you click on the fourth option in the menu that is Auto-reply.

3. Tick the checkbox to on the Auto Responder for your webmail.

How to Set-up Auto Responder?

Check out the steps below to set-up Auto Responder for your webmail.

1. Go to Mail section in the left upper menu.

2. Click on your mail-in which do you want to set-up go Auto-reply.

3. Choose the fourth option Auto-reply to set-up.

4. Firstly, check Switch on Auto-reply is on or not. Make sure the to tick the checkbox.

5. Simply write your subject and body in the “Auto-reply message subject” and auto-reply message text respectively.

6. Another thing if you want to forward the original message to another mail id so you can put the other mail into the “Forwarded to”.

7. All settings are good; they are by default don’t change any settings.

8. Also, if you want to off the auto-reply with a specific time so you can enter it in the last. And tick the checkbox in the left.

Ends up now, hope this knowledge gives you something extra which you want. Share your views in the comment section below. Thanks for reading this post. See you in the next. Ta-Da!


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