How to Start a Blog in (2020) for Free – in WordPress CMS

Hey everyone happy to see you in this post. This post mainly refers to a beginner’s overview of how to start a blog in 2020 for free in WordPress CMS. It’s seems to be basic, but the fundamentals are most important for newer things or for beginners. Many queries on mine site fetch my attention towards this topic then finally, we will be discussing it.

So, let me tell you one thing is that blogging is not a Rocket Science at all. Important thing is to write and how much you are creative, to own your personal blog with your creativity and desires. Don’t feel fatigued and not get back, awesome write up are shown below.

There are some steps for you to know how to start a blog: –

How to start a Blog | MukulTech
How to start a Blog | MukulTech
Purchase Domain Name: –

You should have to choose a Domain Name first to build a blog/website. Domain Name such as (,, etc). You should also have to choose a proper keyword  in your domain name. Because of the ranking purposes of your website. Your domain name ranks more in Google first-second pages. Preferable domain name is .com try to choose (. com/ .in) only.

There are many different platforms to take domain name you can take it from CIPL(Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd.), GoDaddy, Bluehost, HostGator, Namecheap, Dream Host, etc.

Buy Your Hosting Plan

Take the best hosting plan for your Domain Name and suitable for all your work also. There are different hosting plans are available online also free hosting are available, but we could take it for our specific purposes. There are different hosting plans periods such as Quarterly-plan, half-yearly plan, Yearly Plans, etc.

Build up Your CMS (Content Management System) Tool

Firstly, after taking the domain name and hosting, your hosting provider gives you c-panel passwords. Where you can install your CMS Tool for your blog/website for free by using wordpress. I am using WordPress for a long time so I’ll explain all those things related to WordPress.

  1. Open C-panel (
  2. Search for WordPress CMS Tool
  3. Install WordPress with some further details. Such as your mail-id and WordPress login credentials.

Now open your WordPress Dashboard with using your WordPress username and passwords. There is another way to open the WordPress login page is (

Customizing with your CMS Tool

We can use paid themes as well as free themes by using our CMS Tool . There are also many inbuilt themes are there in the WordPress Appearance – Themes. Choose your favourite theme according to your work.

Another thing is to customize our Blog or website with the help of the customization tool in the appearance section of WordPress. Where all the blog/website is built with some clicks.

Finally, Add your Blog Post

You can write your own blog with the help of add post in the Posts section of WordPress. Write which you want to write and as per your domain name varies. You can write several posts in your blog. You should perform a particular niche Blog or category to write in your blog.

Important Plugins for Every Site

There are many more plugins to download as your choice, which plugin is good for your blog/website. But careful plugins are heavy, some plugin requires more space in our blog/website. Try to use a limited plugin or excellent rating plugins in your blogs.

Don’t think so much, try it now and be an Aspiring Blogger. Make your websites/blogs and share your opinion with this post(how to start a blog) in the comment section below. See You in the next post. Ta-Da!

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