Why Photos not Opening in Windows 10?

Photo is an amazing feature in which you see your precious pictures with your loved ones. Windows 10 gives you a wonderful feature i.e., “Photos”. Windows Photos is an inbuilt software included in Windows 10. Many peoples say that Photo is not opening in Windows 10. Now, let’s discuss why Photos not opening in Windows 10. There are few points below to know how to open the Photos application in you Windows.

photos not opening in windows 10 | MukulTech
Microsoft Photos

Correct the Right Extension Format

Many Windows users don’t know about their application’s extension. This is the most important thing whenever you save your file at a particular location. Whenever you save your file, must notice one thing to choose the right file type format, below the File name. If you choose the wrong format, you cannot open your file. Hoping now you could remember this always in future.

Remove it or reinstall it

photos not opening in windows 10 | MukulTech
Windows App Settings

Many people like this feature because it is very easy to do it. You can remove this software and reinstall it again. If you do so everything will become new and restore by default. Re-install the photos from the Microsoft Store Applications.

Choose the Right Application in the “Open with”

Just right click on the photo and click on open with, then click on Photos to open the snap which you have clicked. However, if you don’t find the Photos application in the list so, you can browse and select the application.

Optimize your Photos Application

Open your Photos in your windows then click on three dots in the top right corner. Click on settings, hold on if you want to optimize your photos application then you should have to increase the response time of the app to open. How could you do that?

I will explain how could you do that – just go back to your settings and turn off the Sync with One Drive first option. This feature works with the Internet connection and provides you better results. Whenever you search your photos or crawling an important image that you want. If you switch off this feature so, they give you the results in the absence of the internet connectivity.

Disable the Indexing Option

photos not opening in windows 10 | MukulTech
Photos App Setting

If you would not share your photos to the network locations so disable this feature. Because operating systems also have many tasks to run. Also, it consumes more or drain your battery while working with. If you disable it so they give you better performance.

Hardware-accelerated video encoding

What is this? Maybe most of the users don’t know about it and you also. Don’t worry I will resolve this issue only for you. Basically, this feature provides you to encode your video or also use your photos application as a video editor. I think you don’t need this at all, rather we can find another application for video editing.

Regularly update your Photos Application

If you regularly update your photos so your application runs smoothly without any error. All of your pics don’t take much time to open, your application also does not load. It could run instantly within your clicks or action. After update you can see more feature which don’t see before in the app. So, always try to update your application time to time.

Steps to update your application
  1. Open Microsoft Store in Windows.
  2. Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the window.
  3. Now click on the first option “Downloads and Updates”.
  4. Then finally click on the “Get Updates” option to get new updates related to all Microsoft application.

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