Plesk Vs Cpanel Which one is Better?

In this post, we will talk about Plesk vs Cpanel. Plesk is the most widely used Cpanel across the world. Also, Cpanel (Linux) is a widely used platform but in terms of usage, the Plesk panel has many users instead of Linux Cpanel. There are such differences between Plesk Cpanel and Linux Cpanel. So, without wasting time let’s check the differences between Plesk vs Cpanel.

Plesk vs Cpanel | MukulTech
Plesk vs Cpanel

One major difference is that Plesk is available on both Windows and Linux server but in terms of Linux Cpanel, they only have LINUX operating system. This is a very big difference between Plesk and Cpanel. Because everyone knows “Linux” is an old operating system but the windows are the newest operating system. And it will introduce new features day today.

Plesk is a better option if you are looking for best Cpanel or using multiple servers. In Plesk, there is a different license for 10 to 30 websites, if you are using a few sites on your control panel. But if you have many websites so you can use Linux Cpanel.

Plesk Onyx and Plesk obsidian

There are two versions of the Plesk panel. One is Onyx and second is obsidian. Both are very good in the interface and also based cleaner graphical user interface (GUI). With this feature, it is easy to use and navigate every section of the Cpanel.


In terms of performance, Cpanel is loads faster than Plesk. Instead of Plesk, Cpanel requires a small amount of memory consumption and that is a good thing for Cpanel users. So, if you want to plan for better performance hosting plan so you can choose Linux hosting with Cpanel.


Both the control panel have the same type of features for account management and features such as managing E-mail accounts, FTP (File Transfer Protocol), DNS (Domain Name System), and database management. Although you can add extra apps to Cpanel.


Both Cpanel and Plesk focused on security. Plesk and Cpanel come with a various number of security tools.

Cpanel tools such as password protected directories, automatic SSL installation, IP address Daniels.

Plesk tools such as inbound and outbound email anti-spam and active directories.

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