What to do if Windows 10 Preparing Automatic Repair Shows

Howdy, let’s learn about Windows 10 preparing automatic repair. I have a solution for this read the article till the end to know how to preparing automatic repair windows 10?

Windows 10 Preparing Automatic Repair | MukulTech
Advance Start-up Option

Boot into safe mode

1: Turn off your computer.

2: Insert the Windows installation disk to your computer/laptop and boot it.

3: Press any key to boot from CD, DVD or Pen Drive, press any key to continue.

4: Go to language preferences in the Windows Setup interface, then click on Next button to continue.

5: Click on Repair your computer.

6: Select the Troubleshoot.

7: Now click on Advanced options.

8: Then click on Start-up Settings.

Step 9: After restart, now the computer shows another start-up options.

Step 10: Press 4 key in your keyboard or use function key F4 to boot into Safe Mode. Different device has another preference so, take your decisions to boot your device securely.

Step 11: Now fix issues in Safe Mode

  • Run antivirus software to scan for and remove virus.
  • Uninstall suspicious software or drivers.
  • Update the hardware driver using a CD/DVD/USB that contains the driver.

Perform a hard reboot

  • Remove the battery and AC adapter.
  • To boot your device normally press the power off/ on button for 20- 30 seconds to restart your device. Now move on to the next steps to continue the hard reboot.

Reinstall Windows

Reinstall your windows if you get stuck in the preparing automatic repair. This is the final option to repair your windows. if you want to finally remove this issue so you have to reinstall your windows.

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